Technical Information

We supply Quality Blue, Grey & White Lias stone with prompt deliveries throughout the whole of the UK area. 

Blue, Grey & White Lias can be found in prominent buildings; such as the churches, catherdrals and public buildings from the local Manor house to individual cottages up & down the country where Blue, Grey & White Lias can be sourced. A prime example of a 'Blue Lias' town would be Glastonbury in Somerset.

It is still popular in more modern-day surroundings where it is frequently used in the construction of New Housing developments, and extensions to existing buildings in conservation areas. We are also well established in supplying Architects, English Heritage & Conservation companies for the use in renovation projects.

Blue, Grey & White Lias; since the Roman times has been used extensively for walling and interior/exterior flooring.

  • Density
  • Porosity
  • Grade
  • Compressional Strength
  • Block / Slab size
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Applications
2654kgs per metre 3
under 1%
Grade A building stone
90 - 101 Newtons mm2
Slabs up to 75mm thick
Flooring and paving up to 700mm widths
Blue / Grey / White 
Dense fossil stone
  • Building

  • Sawn Dimensional work

  • Interior Flooring

  • Kerb stones

  • Monumental

  • Exterior¬†paving

  • Cobbles/Setts

  • Vanity/Worktops

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