We have a vast range of products, many of which are bespoke items. Our product range includes Random and Dressed walling stone. Items that are more bespoke such as fireplaces, window surroundings and worktops are going to take slightly longer to produce. It is worth having a look at our Facebook page to get an idea of the quality of our work and the sorts of projects that we get involved with. If you cant find what you're looking for please dont hesitate to get in touch as we're keen to take on projects of all shapes and sizes!

Click on the headings below to find out more information on some of the products and services available.

  • Flooring

    Ashen Cross Quarry can supply many different finishes for Blue Lias flooring. We also provide other stone for flooring and have a range of flooring solutions and services.

    Flooring Work

    We can provide stone for Commercial and Domestic flooring. We also provide a floor restoration and polishing service.

    Types of Flooring

    We can supply Flagstones, Natural Flooring, Quarry Tiles and Stone Flooring. These are available in a variety of finishes and can come in a selection of sizes, specifically cut or randomly sized.

    Stone Flooring

    We supply a range of stone that is ideal for flooring, get in touch to discuss your options. Blue Lias and natural stone are amongst the most popular options.

    Traditional Flagstones

    All our traditional flagstones are sawn on four edges to a set course width (max 700mm) with random lengths and a thickness that varies between 75mm and 100mm. The top surface is left with a reasonable flat natural surface.

    Honed Flooring

    All our honed flagstones are sawn on all edges to a set course width (max 700mm) with random lengths and a minimum thickness of 25mm. The top surface is polished / honed which results in a dark blue almost black, with shell and calcite deposits. This type of flagstone is suitable for underfloor heating.

    Bush Hammered Flooring

    All our bushhammered flagstones are finished to the same degree as the honed flagstones, however the top surface is a light to medium blue / grey with a texture to provide a non slip surface.

    Sandblasted Flooring

    Our Sandblasted flagstones are finished to the same degree as the Bush Hammered flagstones; The top surface is a light medium blue/grey with a texture to provide a non slip surface.

    Tumbled Flooring

    Our Tumbled flooring is medium blue/grey in colour. The stone is "Tumbled" which gives great character & ages the stone, leaving it with rounded edges.

  • Walling Stone


    Blue Lias stone walling is supplied dressed and coursed. It is supplied in random lengths, if you require it cut to specific sizes contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

    Drystone Walling

    Dry stone is a building method by which structure are constructed from stones without any mortar to bind them together. Ashen Cross Quarry provide stone cut randomly for these projects.


    The craft of stonemasonry has existed since humanity could use and make tools - creating buildings, structures and sculpture using stone from the earth. Ashen Cross Quarry continues this time old art and puts the skills learnt to use creating many wonderful pieces. As well as some of the more bespoke projects that our stone masons get to work on, they are also involved in the more mundane stone cutting, making sure that the end product meets their high standards.

  • Monument and Memorial

    Ashen Cross Quarry have provided the stone for many monuments and memorials all over the country, not only that but our expert team of stonemasons have lent their hand to many of these projects. We provide carving, engraving and stone cutting services as well as providing the stone itself. Get in touch to find out more.

  • Types of Stone and Paving


    At Ashen Cross Quarry we are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of stone.

    • Ashlar Stone
    • Walling¬†Stone
    • Cobbles
    • Flagstones
    • Limestone
    • Natural Quarry Stone
    • Rockery Stone
    • Sawn Stone
    • Walling Stone
    • Worktops
    • Flooring
    • Window Cills
    • Window Heads
    • Blue Lias
    • White Lias
    • Ham Stone
    • Portland
    • Bath Stone
    • Doulting Stone


    A selection of paving is also available and is a great addition to any public or private walkway to add an extra dimension of colour or texture.

    • Crazy Paving
    • Stone Paving
    • Paving
  • Quarry Products & Services

    We are able to offer a selection of products and services at Ashen Cross Quarry. We believe that by taking an active role in benchmarking our services, we can provide the highest level of service and products to our customers

    Quarry Products

    We can provide stone for a large variety of projects and we can also create more bespoke items such as fireplaces, or stone monuments.  The below gives an idea of what we can do but is in no way an exhaustive list.

    • Crazy Paving
    • Monumental Stone
    • Paving Slabs
    • Rockeries

    Quarry Services

    As above we provide a wide variety of services and its always worth getting in touch to see how we can help with any project, the list of services below is a guide and is not exhaustive.

    • Quarrying
    • Masonry
    • Stone Sawing
    • Letter Cutting
    • Templating
    • Free quotations

We are keen to hear from you regarding any project! Please get in touch here or call us on 01458 274587